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Spectra Vitamins is a company that strives to satisfy the needs of our clients, offering products, formulas and services of the best quality, establishing as a priority the customer’s total satisfaction and their health goals.

With formulas designed through the latest bio-clinical studies, we make it our objective to make products of excellent quality that can achieve the results they promise and aid certain health conditions.

We offer different formulations for relaxation, getting a good night’s sleep, helping you with your weight loss and control of your appetite, energy increase, depression, staying focused, alertness, inflammation and joint pain.


Made Purely from Natural Herbs

Spectra Vitamins have changed the common perception of what a natural herb supplement should be by using all natural, safe and effective ingredients. Each pill of our supplements contains natural herbs which helps you to cure various symptoms.

Trusted Quality Supplier

Good and balanced nutrition from diet or via supplements should come from trusted and quality supplier. It's about making sure those food and supplement come from quality sources - and we think you should be able to expect the same from your supplements. That's why we source the world's highest quality ingredients.


For healthy weight loss setting up realistic goal is critical for the journey of shedding weight. Understanding the target is the first step towards weight loss journey. There are many different ways to come up with a long-term goal that’s both realistic and aspirational. Setting sights on the future can help fuel the motivation needed to make healthy changes.

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Candy Lugo

I tried few different products for brain, focus, alertness…I got BRAIN POWER, and I must say ..impressed with the result. I could feel the difference after my first pill. More focused, alert, energetic. Taking pills for a week – 2 capsules per day, even the instruction says 3 capsules per day…my tasks as IT person are accomplished easier and faster…


I gave it try to STRESS RELIEF and I must say…positive response… I took pill before sleep and the sleep was better. Also, I take 1 pill during the day and it makes me more relaxed. Formula works for me.


I got issues with my food and sweet cravings during the day since I work in the office. Based on the info provided on the website I ordered it. I take 2 capsules of APPETITE SUPPRESANT per day, late morning and late afternoon. The cravings are way down, so I eat less. There is a progress with my weight loss. This is my 3rd bottle. Happy with the results.

Robert D

The IMMUNE D has Immunolin as an ingredient. Since I read about it, science behind, I decided to go for it due to my weaker immune system during the colder days. I recommend it. My immune health improved. Less cold, less stuffy nose. I take it also before I travel. Keep up with good work.

Shelly Cooper

My mood swings during the day and I feel down. Doctor told me that it can be symptoms of anxiety, light depression. He suggested to start with supplements. For some reason, I got Mood Booster to try it out. As advised, I take 1 capsules per day. I would say that after 5 days I felt more positive and less negative. Keep taking them for over 3 weeks. I must say, I feel better.

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