“Better Life with Mother Nature”

“Better Life with Mother Nature”


A new approach to weight loss puts your brain in the driver’s seat — and it works to beat food cravings too. On paper, weight loss seems a pretty simple equation: if you eat fewer calories than your body burns, then the scales will start to shift in the right direction. But, for those of us trying to lose unwanted weight it can be like an uphill battle we can’t seem to win.

Spectra Vitamins APPETITE SUPPRESANT uses natural ingredients Chromium picolinate, South African Hoodia Gordonii and Green Tea Extracts to guides brain for appetite control. The key ingredient is South African Hoodia Gordonii with substance P57.

Hoodia Gordonii is used traditionally by the some tribes to control hunger. It has become extremely popular due to its appetite suppressant property. The present study was undertaken to investigate the appetite regulatory mechanism and associated metabolic changes induced by the herb. Effect of organic solvent extract of H. gordonii on food intake and body weight was monitored. Reduction in food intake was observed after consumption of Hoodia. Appetite suppression persisted for 6 h and food intake was restored within 24 h after stopping of the treatment. There was no change in blood glucose and insulin levels were not affected significantly. The hormonal and metabolic changes due to consumption of H. gordonii extract was considered may be responsible for this appetite suppression.

SPECTRA VITAMINS APPETITE SUPPRESANT made up of all natural ingredients including South African Hoodia Gordonii with P57 can help in guiding the brain in appetite control and reach the weight loss goal. 

How APPETITE SUPPRESANT supplement tells brain to eat less?

APPETITE SUPPRESSANT capsules are used to suppress appetite and metabolism booster. These capsules will curb cravings, block carbohydrates and burn fat reserves by converting food into energy instead.

South African Hoodia Gordonii with P57 is believed to trick the brain into thinking one is full even when they have not eaten, reduces interest in food and delays the time before hunger sets in. The natural appetite control properties of the herb gives the energy and metabolism boost to the body. And help shed unwanted weight.

The link between your appetite and your brain

It is a common notion that if we can trick the brain with the fact that we are full then it will in return decrease appetite by altering the levels of hormones in the body responsible for making you feel hungry. Indulging in activities like running, cycling, and swimming can also help decrease appetite. This happens due to the heat produced by the body.

The link between your appetite and your brain
To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.However, reducing the amount of food you eat can be difficult in the long run. Controlling on calories is considered as one of important tips for healthy weight loss.

Now, we are aware that how SPECTRA VITAMINS APPETITE SUPPRESSANT because of its magical and natural ingredient SOUTH AFRICAN HOODIA GORDONII with P57 can help us to control appetite and help us to meet our weight lose goal. Let’s include it in or daily routine to use its benefits. This may prove beneficial for all those people trying to shed pounds. So train your brain for healthy weight loss using APPETITE SUPPRESSANT.