“Better Life with Mother Nature”

“Better Life with Mother Nature”

Arthritis is more than just joint Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune inflammatory condition that causes pain, stiffness, and swelling, is most noted for its effects on the body’s joints.

When body’s immune system has decided to attack its own joint tissue, likely causing you pain for the rest of your life. After receiving a rheumatic disease diagnosis, whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis (RA),psoriatic arthritis (PsA),or another related autoimmune disease, many feel disrupted.
These disrupting conditions force people to make vast lifestyle changes, which can have a shocking effect on mental health as well as on other body parts.

Affect of arthritis on Eyes: Due to Inflammation around the eyes, some people with rheumatoid arthritis may get either dry eye syndrome or episcleritis, a redness in the white part of the eye. These can generally be managed with over-the-counter or prescription drops.

Affect of arthritis on Mouth
Research shows that people who have rheumatoid arthritis may be more likely to develop periodontal disease, which usually starts with a gum infection.
They are also more likely to have dry mouth, which can predispose them to tooth decay.
The flip side of this may be true too: Poor oral health may lead to the onset or worsening of RA. Experts believe that inflammation in the mouth may stimulate the immune system, and in a people predisposed to RA the inflammation may trigger the body to start making antibodies associated with the disease.

Affect of Arthritis on Skin: A skin rash or ulcers on the arms and legs sometimes occur in people with rheumatoid arthritis, especially if the disease has gone untreated for a long time, Expert says,Up to 30 percent of people with RA develop rheumatoid nodules — knots of inflammatory tissue just under the skin near a joint, according to research published in the journal Autoimmunity Reviews. Most often appearing on the elbows, hands, and feet, they can be treated with a steroid injection if they become bothersome.
All the conditions that affect the skin tend to resolve once RA is controlled with proper medications.

Affect of arthritis on heart: Higher levels of inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis increase the risk of heart disease, especially heart attacks and strokes, Research says. These heart conditions can also be more fatal. In people with systemic inflammatory diseases like RA, heart attacks in those under 50 are twice as likely to be fatal as for people without an inflammatory condition, according to one study. To lower your risk, one should get RA under control and also reduce heart risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. There are some joint pain supplements that can help in joint inflammation.

In addition to medical treatments for joint pain or autoimmune arthritis, lifestyle changes, vitamins for joints and choices that can benefit a person with an autoimmune disorder are recommended.

Arthritis Can Drain Your Brain and Mood
The fear that comes with living with any chronic illness, as well as dealing with daily pain and limited mobility, can take a toll on emotional wellness. But when it comes to RA, depression may be more than just an emotional response to the disease. “There is a clear link between RA and depression,” says Experts. What experts do know is that treating RA’s inflammation helps quell the inflammation associated with depression. The opposite may also be true: Treating depression may lessen the pain of the disease. It can actually physically impact the chances of RA remission. Keeping all above things in mind it’s time to save our joints from inflammation and build bone health naturally for joint pain relief.

Conclusion:Apart from above mentioned parts, Arthritis can affects other body parts like lungs and internal organs as well. Arthritis occurs when person’s immune system mistake’s the body healthy tissues for foreign invaders.As the immune system responds, inflammation occurs in the target tissues or organ. Timely care using natural supplements for arthritis is required to avoid any serious breakdown.