“Better Life with Mother Nature”

“Better Life with Mother Nature”

Goodbye Stress

Stress is common experience for most people. In fact, 70% of adults in the United States say they feel stressed out daily.
These stress hormones are the same ones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your heart races, your breath quickens, and your muscles ready for action. This response was designed to protect your body in an emergency by preparing you to react quickly. But when the stress response keeps firing, day after day, it could put your health at serious risk. I am sure after reading and implementing this blog you will also say Goodbye Stress.

Although stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences.For immediate, short-term situations, stress can be beneficial to your health. It can help you cope with potentially serious situations. Your body responds to stress by releasing hormones that increase your heart and breathing rates and ready your muscles to respond. Our body responds automatically to stress but we must also know How to relieve stress? Lets investigate.

Respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Stress hormones affect your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During the stress response, you breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood to your body. If you already have a breathing problem like asthma or emphysema, stress can make it even harder to breathe.
Under stress, your heart also pumps faster. Stress hormones cause your blood vessels to constrict and divert more oxygen to your muscles so you’ll have more strength to take action. But this also raises your blood pressure.
As a result, frequent or chronic stress will make your heart work too hard for too long. When your blood pressure rises, so do your risks for having a stroke or heart attack.

Immune System

Central Nervous systemYour central nervous system (CNS) is in charge of your “fight or flight” response.This is a natural evolutionary response that was designed to protect us from danger by encouraging us to flee the danger or fight – fight or flight. While historically this response held survival value to us, in present day society it is often not the most appropriate response to the situation as nowadays we are often stressed by the high demands at work or the overwhelming responsibilities of family.

Stress Management Strategies

These recent discoveries about the effects of stress on health shouldn’t leave you worrying. We now understand much more about effective strategies for reducing stress responses. Listed below are some good ways to relieve stress.

Maintaining Healthy Social Support: There is nothing more calming than spending quality time with another human being who makes you feel safe and understood. In fact, face-to-face interaction triggers a cascade of hormones that counteracts the body’s defensive “fight-or-flight” response.

Engaging in Regular physical Exercise When you’re stressed, the most obvious solution you probably feel like doing is getting up and exercising. Physical activity is a huge stress reliever—and you don’t have to be an athlete or spend hours in a gym to experience the benefits. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, and it can also serve as a valuable distraction from your daily worries.

Getting an Adequate amount of sleep each night Get enough sleep as adequate sleep fuels your mind, as well as your body. Feeling tired will increase your stress because it may cause you to think irrationally.

What do we recommend for stress?

Identify the sources of stress While it may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress at work and home, there are steps you can take to relieve the pressure and regain control.We must also identify about ourselves what triggers stress?

Practice above Techniques Above mentioned Stress Management Techniques can surely help you to deal with stress and help you with calm mood. Above Practice along with STRESS RELIEF supplement can bust your stress and keep you calm and relaxed.

Stress Relief Supplements  Although there is an option for stress relief to use stressballs but it takes time to show results. Our Stress Relief capsules are more effective as it balance the hormones responsible for stress.

Stress stimulates the immune system, which can be a plus for immediate situations. This stimulation can help you avoid infections and heal wounds. But over time, stress hormones will weaken your immune system and reduce your body’s response to foreign invaders. People under chronic stress are more susceptible to viral illnesses like the flu and the common cold, as well as other infections. Stress can also increase the time it takes you to recover from an illness or injury. To know more, Read our blog Boost Immune System During Self Isolating

Digestive system: Under stress, liver produces extra blood sugar (glucose) to give you a boost of energy. If you’re under chronic stress, your body may not be able to keep up with this extra glucose surge. Chronic stress may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Small Changes Bring Big Results

Stress could impact people of any age and it attacks immunity at the first level. We must be aware of the techniques to control stress and practice stress management techniques and consider supplements to get the maximum benefits. It is quite obvious to feel little anxious and stressed about your health at this time. Read our Tips on Ways to Ease Stress