“Better Life with Mother Nature”

“Better Life with Mother Nature”


Dr. Neil D. Ross is a product formulator for Spectra Vitamins, where he performs quality control (control of raw materials, control of the production according to GMP standards and end product control). He is also the Regulatory Affair person.

Alongside Spectra Vitamins, based on clinical studies and scientific exploration, and with his many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields; they have developed numerous formulas made with natural ingredients that tend to the needs of most people, focusing on product directed towards providing energy, better sleep and rest, relaxation, weight loss, appetite control, anxiety and stress control.

His outstanding work in the nutraceutical industry has revolutionized the way that consumers perceive these products and adopt them as a direct response to their dietary demands. For Spectra Vitamins, he performs quality control of the raw materials, a very important factor in product manufacturing.

The nutraceutical industry includes functional foods, dietary supplements and herbal/natural products that enhance your health. It represents an active industry that constantly offers new prospects to merge the consumer’s interest in a better life with scientific discoveries.

He graduated for the University of Missouri in 1975 with degrees in Biological Research and Pharmacy and also achieved a Certificate of Completion of Study in Microscopy (masters) from the McCrone Research Institute.

Currently residing in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area, he has had a very extensive career in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. His specialties include: chemicals for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, unique formulation technologies, innovative development technologies and market development and research.

In 1975, he worked with Lederle Labs, where he helped develop many well-known brands and products such as Centrum, Stresstab, Caltrate and Materna, vitamin formulations and all line extensions.

He continued to work in the chemical industry as Director of Marketing in ISP form 1983 to 1993; there he was responsible for developing and reviewing new global markets, global market plans, targeting and launching new products and creating P&L statements for market groups of a $110 million product line.

Working at ISP chemicals, he developed five new excipients which included: Polyplasdone XL, Pharmasolve, Plasdone K90, etc. He also helped develop various company technologies such as Transdermal, CR tablets, quick dissolve tablets, etc. These innovative technologies have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry.

He developed an international sales training program for the sales personnel, enhanced their capabilities tremendously and helped launch nine new products in only two years; increased sales from $75 million to $110 million through a strategic global advertising and account campaign, defined two new global market niches (including veterinary and dental segments) and defined six new materials for use in the nutraceutical field.

From 1993 to 2003, he worked at PDI as a Director of Marketing, where he continued to achieve great success, being responsible for a $9 million product line and all aspects of its marketing, such as new product development, advertising, promotion, new product launches and pricing and sales coordination.

His tenure at PDI was again developing new products successfully, such as smooth chew tablets, instant tablets, effervescent technologies for oral use, new technologies for magnesium salts and calcium salts, as well as novel taste-masked vitamins, minerals and herbal products.

He also fulfilled his duties internationally, including support of the distributor network, sales development and regional expansion. Dr. Neil D. Ross developed 12 new products and diversified the product line from one material to ten, reducing competition and crating specialty products for the market (such as effervescent, chewable tablets, etc).

He also created a global sales support strategy for an expanded distribution network which resulted in a 200% sales increase to $1.6 million in one year. And, most importantly, he managed to position PDI in the pharmaceutical industry as a technology leader by creating a high profile through technical literature and services, industry support and advertising. Dr. Neil D. Ross also worked at VP Research and VP Operations, where he developed peptide products for many pharmaceutical applications.

At Avema Labs in Miami, he has developed over 10,000 formulations in only seven years, covering vitamins, minerals, herbals, OTC’s and nutraceuticals. He developed the validation processes for the new plant, process and cleaning as well as setting up the stability program for both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

He has been on various USP committees for excipients and nutraceuticals; he was a founding father of IPEC and the AAPS organizations, where he held positions as vendor representative and secretary. He was also member of the NJPDG group, where he was membership chairman and secretary.

He was the industry representative for CRN for the lead issue in California on Calcium. He has given various lectures, including topics such as: Pharma Tech (tablet disintegrants), AAPS annual meeting (excipient registrations globally), Pharm Tech Mexico (new novel tablet technologies), CPhI China (new effervescent technologies), participated in the Pharm Technology Conference held in Indonesia (formulation technologies of 2000).

Dr. Neil D. Ross has four patents applied for on nutraceutical based products and materials: Stability Additives for Dry DHA Formulations; Chewable Electrolyte Tablet, Taste Masking of Anesthetics and Analgesics and Multistrain Probiotic Blends for Treatment of Gastrointestinal Conditions and Improving of Maintaining Gastrointestinal Health

Currently, he works at N2Pharma LLC (since 2010) as a Senior Executive. His work includes formulation support, technology development, contract services review and audit, process validation support, cleaning validation support and parts 211 and 111 compliance support.

His skills include: pharmaceutics, formulation, operations management, nutraceuticals, validation, technology transfer, biotechnology, laboratory, drug delivery, GMP, V&V, business development, clinical trials, team building, R&D, product development, biopharmaceuticals, patents, cleaning validation, FDA, regulatory affairs, clinical research, technology product development, project management, managed care, CAPA, quality system, contract negotiation, change management, medical devices, contract manufacturing, regulatory requirements, clinical development, GLP, LIMS, 21 CFR part 11, regulatory submissions, change control, GxP, HPLC, drug development, product launch, commercialization, aseptic processing, chromatography, drug discovery, analytical chemistry and generic programming.