“Better Life with Mother Nature”

“Better Life with Mother Nature”

Spectra Vitamins is a nutraceutical company that is dedicated to formulate food and herbal supplements. We have been in the industry since 2015, responding to the needs of patients asking for natural remedies to treat common conditions.

The key to our success is that we have custom formulas with quality, raw materials that are lab tested; manufactured in a GMP facility and complete with quality control of the production and, of course, the end products.

With modern formulas that follow the latest trends in the industry and the needs of our customers, our formulations are manufactured alongside professionals with many years of experience in the field, and our products are made based on clinical studies and with a foundation on science.

With the outstanding work and experience of Dr. Neil Ross, our product formulator, we have created multiple products that act as natural remedies to treat common conditions such as weight issues, stress, lack of energy, anxiety, sleep (insomnia), depression, staying focused and paying attention, joint pain, inflammation… and the best part is that we are always working on adding new product lines to improve different health categories, such as vision, heart, skin, kidneys, nails, hair and many others.

Spectra Vitamins manufactures complete, high potency formulas that are specifically designed to fulfill daily essential needs, providing a wide range of nutrients and extracts in forms that your body can use more efficiently, achieving better results to aid the treatment of the conditions mentioned before.

Janez Meznarsic, Managing Member

As a Business Partner in the Spectra Vitamins, Inc. business, I should introduce myself with my background. Graduated in Business Administration – International Business in the USA, and after few years of work in the USA, I moved back to Europe, Slovenia. While in Slovenia, I worked with a nutraceutical company for years, which get my attention, knowledge and interest of the natural products as herbs, flowers, roots, etc. Working with the doctors, pharmacists, biochemists, I learnt and recognized that Mother Nature gives as many natural sources, which they can help with better quality of life as health, happiness, sleep, stress, immune system, cholesterol, heart, weight, glucose… Under the circumstances, I moved back to the USA. Due to my friends, I was introduced to the company Spectra Vitamins. (My destiny to be back into nutraceutical field). The founder of the company Roman Kleyman got the vision to formulate, manufacture the high-quality natural products. Our relationship grew from associates to become business partners. After that I took over the major role to build, manage, develop, and supervise the company Spectra Vitamins. With Dr. Neil Ross- formulator, IT crew, marketing team, sales team, the vision of the company with trusted products, quality raw materials, certified manufacturers, satisfied customers, my promise is to keep exploring new natural gifts from Mother Nature and introduce new natural products for better QUALITY OF LIFE.


Spectra Vitamins is a company that strives to satisfy the needs of our clients, offering products, formulas and services of the best quality, establishing as a priority the customer’s total satisfaction and their health goals.

With formulas designed through the latest bio-clinical studies, we make it our objective to make products of excellent quality that can achieve the results they promise and aid certain health conditions.

We offer different formulations for relaxation, getting a good night’s sleep, helping you with your weight loss and control of your appetite, energy increase, depression, staying focused, alertness, inflammation and joint pain.


Spectra Vitamins’ vision is to conquer every new segment in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market through our expertise, quality, technology and passion for our clients’ well-being and healthy lifestyle, through natural formulations and supplements.

Our main goal is to create the best formulas designed for weight loss, energy increase, better sleep and relaxation, focus, alertness, depression, joint pain and appetite control. At Spectra Vitamins we like where we are, but we can’t wait to see where we can go.


Spectra Vitamins’ products are directed towards health conscious men and women who are inclined to the concept of natural supplements that promote and enhance bodily functions such as relaxation, better sleep, reducing appetite and promoting energy throughout the day.